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The December issue of Internal Auditor magazine is focused on business continuity and crisis response, with articles that range from challenges presented by the pandemic to the evolving risk landscape of digital transformations.

The cover story, “Perseverance in a Pandemic,” looks at how individual internal audit departments are coping and pivoting to best serve their organizations during COVID-19. . Other features examine OnRisk 2021, how to conduct a risk workshop, ways to audit credit risk in the fintech era, and what a responsive organization looks like. “The Internal Audit Game” explains how new business games are helping internal audit be value drivers in the organization, better enabling them to help stakeholders adapt to rapidly accelerating, emerging risks.

The December edition’s various departments investigate managing audit programs in highly regulated areas; finding a better approach to addressing racism, diversity, and governance; and speaking out about hush money fraud. In addition, readers will learn that home is where the risk is while continuing to combat COVID-19 as we approach 2021.

You can access the latest issue of Internal Auditor any time at www.internalauditor.org. The website features robust content on the most relevant issues affecting internal auditors worldwide, along with videos, blogs, and a digital archive dating back through 2004.