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The April issue of Internal Auditor magazine explores the topic of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) in a package of articles. “Greenwashing” considers how some companies are reporting that they are making more progress on environmental goals than they actually are. “The Corporate Commitment” examines whether companies are living up to their commitments when it comes to ESG. And “Great Expectations” is all about employees’ demands for employers to be committed to social and environmental issues.

Other articles dig deep into the ever-evolving technology risk and fraud landscape, women in the workplace post-pandemic, and the value of The IIA’s 2022 Pulse of Internal Audit report.

Readers can access the latest issue of Internal Auditor any time at InternalAuditor.org. The website features robust content on the most relevant issues affecting internal auditors worldwide, along with videos, blogs, and a digital archive dating back to 2004.