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Brief history of IIA Sri Lanka

It was a long felt need of the internal audit professionals in Sri Lanka to have a formal institute that is dedicated to developing standards for the profession. Hence, a few like-minded internal audit professionals had a discussion on the 14’n June 2005. The very same day, we were able to form the Institute of lnternal Auditors Sri Lanka (lIA-SL) Chapter that is affiliated to the Institute of lnternal Auditors Inc (llA Inc) where the global headquarters is in the USA. The objective of the I|ASL is to uplift the standards of the internal audit profession in Sri Lanka and to train internal audit professionals. Affiliation with the llA Inc allows us to leverage on standards and methodologies that are recognized worldwide without the need to reinvent the wheels in Sri Lanka.

Nearly six years later, we have grown to a chapter of about 100 members. Our key focus is still to facilitate internal audit professionals to earn the Certified Internal Auditor (ClA) certification that is the worldwide-recognized certification for internal auditors” The first examinations in Sri Lanka were held in November 2005. To-date, 10 ClA’s are qualified from the examinations conducted in SriLanka. To further up lift the professional standards of internal auditors in Sri Lanka, not only for the market but also for the world market, we have organized members-only and public and conferences on various topics. We have also built-up a library of books and CDs to expand the lIA knowledge and expertise.